Maintaining Artificial Hockey Surfaces

Hockey is a sport which is popular in many schools and public leisure facilities around the country. Lots of organisations now choose to have synthetic sports pitches installed for these activities, as these can be used more frequently without getting flooded or damaged. When it comes to maintaining artificial hockey surfaces, it’s important to keep on top of cleaning and repairs. This will ensure that the facility is always in top condition and will be safe to use.

Sand Filled Synthetic Grass

There are a few different surfacing types which could be used for playing hockey. Sand filled synthetic turf is among the most optimal flooring type for your hockey surface. The turf features a layer of sand infill installed in the piles of the pitch, ensuring the flooring is stable, and this allows for very good ball roll characteristics.

If you’re planning to make a multi-purpose facility, sand filled turf is suggested as it provides very good safety and performance characteristics for a variety of multiple sports. These kinds of floor types are generally easily taken care of with regular maintenance and attention. Proactive servicing must be done when necessary, for example distributing the infill to allow the fibres to remain stable. The expected life-time of the area may be increased if routine cleaning and repair is performed. You could also choose to update the line markings to ensure that the facility offers the best playing qualities.

Regular Sport Surface Maintenance

It is recommended by hockey governing bodies that you keep up with routine maintenance procedures to make sure the facility is working correctly. Consistent upkeep will also help to lessen the number of reactive repairs needed, and this can reduce costs overall.

The original playing characteristics will be maintained when frequent maintenance is carried out; that will also guarantee the safety for the sports pitch. One way of keeping your establishment in a good condition is to conduct surface brushing, because this takes out contaminants plus making certain the sand infill is properly distributed.

Repairing Fake Turf

Repairs, renovating and rejuvenation may be acquired if your hockey floor gets impaired. The pitch infill inevitably will end up dirty and contaminated over time and with heavy use. There are many companies which provide rejuvenation expert services to make sure the sand is going to be suitably cleaned and replaced. The process helps as well to avoid water damage and keep the surface an all-weather facility, since the water drainage method is improved through revitalisation.

In order to avoid having to pay for expensive repairs, it is always a good idea to be regularly maintaining artificial hockey surfaces through cleaning and general upkeep.

Maintaining Artificial Hockey Surfaces

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